Understanding Furnace and Air Conditioner Warranties

HVAC Warranty Mistakes Infographic

Dive into the world of HVAC warranties with our comprehensive guide. Discover how warranties on your furnace and air conditioner can provide peace of mind and significant savings. Learn what manufacturers require to keep warranties valid, the importance of maintenance plans in preserving your warranty, and why your HVAC system needs regular “oil changes” just like your car. Understanding your HVAC warranty can ensure your equipment remains in top condition for years to come, saving you from unexpected repair costs and hassle.

7 DIY Furnace Repairs and How to Do Them

AirPro Van we use for furnace repairs.

When it’s the middle of a Bismarck winter, with snow reaching your windowsills, encountering a furnace breakdown is the last scenario you’d want to face. While some furnace issues, like a pilot light going out, are commonly known, there are times when the problem could be more severe, leaving you in the cold. At AirPro […]