Dakota Series

Dakota Series Products


Dakota Series 1

Energy-Efficient Base Air Conditioner

  • UP TO 14.3 SEER2
  • 1½ TO 5 Tons
  • Copeland® CoreSense Diagnostics
  • 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty

Dakota Series 2

Energy-Efficient Base Air Conditioner

  • 80% AFUE
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel,
    Dual-Diameter Tubular Heat Exchanger
  • Multi-Speed ECM Motor
  • Single-stage Gas Valve
  • Durable Hot-surface igniter
  • Quiet, Single-speed Draft Induced
  • Self-diagnostic Control Bboard
  • Color-coded Low-voltage Terminals
  • Heavy-gauge Steel Cabinet with
    Durable Baked-enamel Finish
  • Foil Faced Insulated Heat Exchanger

Also includes: Smart Home & Security

Dakota Series Features

Quiet Performance

Quiet-Efficient Base Air Conditioner

No one wants a noisy air conditioner to disturb the tranquility of their home. Our Dakota Series air conditioners run very quietly. On average, these air conditioners operate at 70 dB, about the level of a typical conversation! However, some models are even much quieter, far outperforming the competition.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-Efficient Base Air Conditioner

If you call the northern states your home, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has some advice for you. Regarding air conditioning, choose a unit with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of at least 13. The Dakota Series has air conditioners with SEER levels ranging from 13.5 to 22. You can rest easy knowing that your new air conditioner will meet or even surpass the recommended efficiency standards.


The Most Durable Base Air Conditioner

Our units are built to last. Made with only the highest-quality materials and constructed using the most durable methods, these air conditioners are designed to withstand the test of time. You can trust that your investment will pay off in the long run as it continues to provide you with reliable and efficient cooling for years to come.

Climate control and consistent temperatures

Top-quality Base Air Conditioner

Forget unexpected and uncomfortable temperature fluctuations caused by compressors that run at a constant pace. But our units eliminate this problem, as they feature state-of-the-art technology that adjusts at minute intervals, improving comfort by keeping temperatures consistent within half a degree of your thermostat setting.

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