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Embrace Efficient Cooling and Heating with Fujitsu Ductless Mini Splits

Experience unparalleled comfort in Bismarck, ND, with AirPro’s ductless mini split systems, featuring Fujitsu’s cutting-edge technology. Ideal for homes without traditional ductwork or for spaces requiring individual temperature control, these systems offer an efficient, versatile solution for both cooling and heating. AirPro’s certified technicians are experts in customizing and installing the perfect Fujitsu system to meet your specific needs, ensuring year-round comfort in any room of your home.

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Benefits of Installing a Fujitsu System by AirPro

Enhanced Comfort Control: Fujitsu’s ductless systems allow for precise temperature control in different zones of your home, ensuring personalized comfort wherever you need it.

Energy Efficiency: Fujitsu systems are known for their high energy efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money on utility bills.

Quiet Operation: Enjoy the peace and quiet of your Bismarck home with Fujitsu’s whisper-quiet operation, making it perfect for bedrooms, home offices, and other quiet spaces.

Easy Installation: With minimal disruption and no need for ductwork, AirPro can quickly install your Fujitsu ductless mini split, providing you with immediate comfort.

Improved Air Quality: Fujitsu’s advanced filtration systems reduce dust, allergens, and other pollutants, creating a healthier indoor environment.

Furnace Installation Measuring On-Site
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose a Fujitsu ductless mini split system? 

A: Fujitsu ductless mini splits are renowned for their energy efficiency, quiet operation, and flexible installation options. They offer precise temperature control for individual rooms or zones, making them a perfect solution for enhancing comfort in your Bismarck home.

Q: Can AirPro install a Fujitsu system in an older home without existing ductwork? 

A: Absolutely. Ductless mini split systems are ideal for older homes without existing ductwork. Their minimal installation requirements make them a perfect fit for any space, preserving the integrity and aesthetics of your home while providing efficient heating and cooling.

Q: Are ductless mini splits suitable for my entire home or just single rooms? 

A: Fujitsu ductless mini splits are incredibly versatile. They can be used for single rooms, such as additions or spaces with specific temperature control needs, or as a whole-home solution through a multi-zone system. Our AirPro experts can design a system tailored to your specific needs.

Q: How long does installation take? 

A: Most Fujitsu ductless mini split systems can be installed by AirPro’s certified technicians in just a day, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of units being installed. Our team works efficiently to ensure minimal disruption to your routine.

Q: What maintenance does a ductless mini split require? 

A: Regular maintenance includes cleaning the filters, ensuring the outdoor unit is free from debris, and having an annual check-up by an AirPro technician to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your Fujitsu system.

Q: How does a ductless system improve indoor air quality? 

A: Fujitsu ductless mini splits have advanced filtration systems that capture dust, allergens, and other airborne particles, significantly improving the air quality in your home. This is especially beneficial for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues.

Q: What is the lifespan of a Fujitsu ductless mini split system? 

A: With proper maintenance and care, Fujitsu ductless mini splits can last up to 20 years. AirPro offers comprehensive maintenance plans to ensure your system operates efficiently for as long as possible.

Q: Can I control my Fujitsu system remotely? 

A: Yes, many Fujitsu ductless mini split systems are equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to control your system via a smartphone app. This feature provides the convenience of adjusting your home’s temperature from anywhere, ensuring optimal comfort at all times.



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